About the artist

The world needs more colour. It needs art and weirdness. LC Stardust lives to provide the world with just that: rainbows, joy, weirdness… you know, art. 
Having worked in a variety of mediums from clay to wood burning, from photography to makeup, LC Stardust is now focusing her craft on making unique colour-blasted rugs. 
When you’re good at several things it’s difficult to pick one thing to do. That was the case until December 2021 when her husband surprised her with a rug tufting set up. It was an immediate hit, and she has since created many rugs, each one unique. 
It’s not easy for a working mom of two to get the motivation to turn their hobby into a business, but LC Stardust is doing just that. Tufting is where she finds joy, and you’ll take home a piece of the rainbow when you purchase one of her pieces. 
The world is dark enough, why have boring decor?